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Brenda also teaches bible class every other week so if you would like to attend please via the info listed above 

or reach out via the Contact Us page to get more information

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Brenda Oglesby is available to speak at your Sunday or weekday services or special events.

​Contact her via email at: faiththatwork@yahoo.com or
​via Telephone at: (409) 302-3081

My teachings show how to seek God for answers through prayer


Welcome to Faith That Works. We are so glad that you are visiting our website today.  

There are two aspects of this ministry.  One aspect is “Faith that Works” and the other is Prophetic Intercessory Prayer.  Both aspects are very important and one cannot be separated from the other. “Faith that Works” is God’s assignment for me to teach the body of Christ about having faith in God. As a Prophetic Intercessory Prayer warrior I intercede for the nations and for individuals as led by God.

My teaching of God’s word equips the body of Christ to stand strong in faith; to withstand opposition while waiting; to never give up on God, yourself, and God’s promises. My teaching is scriptural based and brings to light the promises of God in the Bible that will bring encouragement, build faith, and strengthen for endurance to move forward in God’s promises.  The Bible teaches that we will overcome if we have faith in God and never give up.

​My teachings show how to seek God for answers through prayer.  I accept my assignment from God, teaching on “Have Faith in God” and “Prophetic Interceding for the nations and individuals as a Watchman for God.