Watch Video: "Have Faith In God"

Sermons are taken from talk show “Faith That Work” Gospel radio station KWWJ 1360AM. Sermon CDs can be purchased for a cost of $5.00. Purchase your CD today from Brenda Oglesby. 

Be A Blessing  Radio Air Date June 13, 2012Product Code 102
God Don’t Change His Mind We DoRadio Air Date June 27, 2012Product Code 103
You Have Been Called For Great PurposeRadio Air Date August 15, 2012Product Code 110
Afflicted But Not Defeated Radio Air Date August 22, 2012Product Code 111
The Peace of God Radio Air Date September 5, 2012Product Code 113
What Is Dead God Can Bring Back to LifeRadio Air Date September 19, 2012
Product Code 115 

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